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Citizens State Bank

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Citizens State Bank (formerly The Citizens State Bank of Ouray) had a dated, inconsistent, and un-memorable brand. Our Goal: Create a consistent and recognizable image for the bank and it’s branches that conveys the message that Citizens State Bank is a local, community oriented bank with a strong 100 year history that facilitates trust and growth into the future by offering services that live up to the needs of today and tomorrow. Services included in-depth market survey and research, logo design, stationary & debit card design, signage, apparel, ads and marketing materials, & digital brand style guide.

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Rimrocker Trail logo design by Treefeather Creative

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Montrose County needed a logo for the new Rimrocker Trail, a connection from Montrose to Moab. The logo was inspired by the early western Colorado pioneers/cattle rustlers/gunslingers a.k.a "Rimrockers," who would steal cattle, cut off their brands and then re-brand them, hence the cattle brand style. This logo is simple and easily recognizable, meant to work well on trail markers, stickers, signs, etc. You can learn more about the trail here.

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Bosom Buddies website designed by Treefeather Creative

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Kahil Winery 2009 Malbec bottle label design by Treefeather Creative

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Tyrel Lawson, the owner of Kahil Winery and winemaker for Two Rivers Winery, Colterris came to us to design the label for his Malbec wine. His love for fishing is represented in the label by incorporating an illustrated Cahill fly into the design. We worked with an earthy color palette, a cracked texture to give it a weathered look, and a little trout emblem to bring a natural, outdoorsy Colorado vibe. The labels are printed on a textured linen with the fly, trout, and name embossed. You can read about the award-winning malbec wine in this post by Bin 707 Foodbar.

Norris-Snell Real Estate website design by Treefeather Creative

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Norris-Snell Real Estate hired Treefeather Creative to design and develop a custom Wordpress website to showcase and provide information about their company and existing brand, provide helpful resources including an email signup to receive their Hot List, a blog, links to social media accounts, and incorporate searchable IDX listings in a clean, professional and intuitive design that reflects the Western Slope area. Visit Site

Montrose Regional Library District Logo design, business card design, letterhead design, library card design

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The Montrose Regional Library District wanted to update their logo for something more modern and fun. We took inspiration from the art deco style of architecture of the building as well as the colors found in the area. The use of multiple colors in the logo symbolizes the different areas of the library and it also allowed for individuals to pick their favorite color for their personal business card and library card, while keeping the libraries' identity unified.  

Welcome Western Colorado website design by Treefeather Creative

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Welcome Western Colorado (previously Welcome Montrose) is a community welcoming service providing new residents with information and discounts to local businesses. WWC needed a complete marketing package including the logo design, website, pocket folder, business cards, vouchers for the participating businesses, as well as other marketing materials. We provide the same design and development services for several other welcoming services including Welcome Gunnison Valley and Welcome Fannin. Not happy with my current web/graphic person, I was keeping an eye open to who in Montrose did web and graphics. It was not that the past person I used was bad, they just were unresponsive. The Pro cycling tour was coming through Montrose and I caught a glimpse of the new web site to promote the event and looked for the designer….it happened to be Treefeather Creative. I called Leanna and we began to work together. Working with Leanna at Treefeather solved all of the problems I was having in the past. Not only is Leanna responsive, she thinks of marketing approaches that I would never have thought of. Working with Leanna is like having a graphic and web person on my staff. I could never afford such a thing being a small business, but Leanna treats all of my projects as if they were her own. Leanna is cost conscience and yet will direct my projects to have them look professional and current. I have since had Leanna take over four new business ventures that I am a principal in. I also try refer Leanna whenever I can….but to be honest I am somewhat selfish as I want to keep her for myself. I am now confident that my web site and any promotional materials I use are [...]

a Better Montrose app logo design by Treefeather Creative

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The City of Montrose asked me to design a logo and corresponding graphics for a new app called A Better Montrose, a multi-platform solution for providing residents, businesses, and visitors access to a set of local government-provided services. Taking inspiration from the city's logo I was able to relate the A Better Montrose logo with the city's current brand. View the app

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