About Treefeather Creative


I’m Leanna Johnson, Owner and Creative Director behind Treefeather Creative.

I collaborate with small business owners to create memorable and meaningful visual identities to elevate their marketing and make a lasting connection with their ideal customers.

With over 10 years of experience in graphic design, branding & website design, I offer a unique blend of creative and technical expertise in both print and online, providing you with the materials and skills you need to stand out and get results.

I enjoy the unique creative challenges that come with each project and collaborating with my network of creative professionals including photographers, illustrators, copywriters, videographers and developers to help you accomplish your goals.

Core Values

Quality design  •  Effective Communication    Personalized, One-on-One Service
Inspiring Collaborations    Efficient Workflow    Practical & Economic Solutions
Friendly, Supportive Atmosphere

Leanna Johnson

Leanna Johnson

Creative Director / Brand Stylist

Jackie McMillen

Jackie McMillen

Graphic Designer

Jordan Johnson

Jordan Johnson


Why Treefeather?

According to the 8 year old imagination of Jordan, leaves were not just leaves… they were “treefeathers.”

This stuck with us as a reminder to keep an open mind and view the world in a creative light. 

Ready to breathe life into your brand?