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GenHam Diamond Tooling

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GenHam Diamond Tooling needed a new website design that incorporated the company’s new logo, products, and information in a clean, professional and intuitive design. View Site Excellent service, easy to work with, and we loved the creative design!

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The Montrose Downtown Development Authority hired me to work on several projects over the last few years including posters, advertisements, logos, banners, etc. for events such as Main in Motion (an annual summer street festival), First Friday Art Stroll, and downtown promotion in general.


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Poster and corresponding t-shirt design for Chow Down Pet Supplies annual Howl-O-Ween Hustle. The fun run/walk is a fundraiser for local animal shelters and gives dog owners a chance to dress up with their pet for a costume contest.

Chain Station Mountain Music t-shirt design by Treefeather Creative

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The band, Chain Station, wanted a fun shirt design that would reflect the Muppet inspired characteristics of each band member.

computer-business-solutions-logo-design by Treefeather Creative

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Computer Business Solutions wanted to incorporate their mouse mascot from their previous logo into the new design. We were able to accomplish this by manipulating the company's initials, CBS, into the form or a mouse in a modern way.


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Covered in the logo requirements stated by Montrose County representatives, the logo should stand the test of time by representing the area and its surrounding communities in a traditional, but not antiquated way, and should reflect the County’s mission and vision statements. The logo should be legible, scalable, and flexible, designed to be used in a wide variety of mediums including print and digital applications.  The logo should incorporate earthy tones, not bright primary colors, and no curly fonts. The logo should appeal to a wide range of diverse viewers. In addition to these requirements, the county wanted the new logo to reflect the major founding blocks of our area, being agriculture (represented by our famous Olathe Sweet Corn) and mining. The logo also includes the major natural landscapes that make up Montrose County including the Gunnison river and the surrounding mountains/plateaus/adobes. Inspiration was taken from the sihlouette of Warner Point. The logo includes traditional elements to convey a sense of establishment, while utilizing clean lines and a timeless font to stand the test of time. It is simple, scalable and versatile.  

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Taking inspiration from the store's interior design and existing logo design, I was able to create a consistent image across print and digital mediums. Projects include: Website design, business cards, door hangers, loyalty cards, menu cards, advertisements, social media profile cards, and more. Visit Site

Centennial Ranch web design by Treefeather Creative

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The owner of Centennial Ranch, located in Ouray County, Colorado, asked us to design and develop a top-notch website to showcase the Centennial Ranch property which he has decided to put on the market. The site will market the high-end property to niche audience (HH net worth $150M+, appreciation of western history & lifestyle). The site is photography driven with a clean, simple, western design highlighting the ranch and all of it’s stunning features, the surrounding landscape and it’s history. View site Leanna joined a small team I organized with the mission to create a first class website to promote the sale of a truly unique and beautiful cattle ranch in Colorado. The website is outstanding – exceeding my high expectations. It was a team effort and Leanna made it all come together. I can highly recommend Leanna for any similar task.

Bicycle Colorado P-Far t-shirt design by Treefeather Creative

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Purchase a Bicycle Colorado P-Far t-shirt 

Region 10 website design

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View site Region 10’s website was archaic, difficult to navigate and stale. We needed a face-lift to say the least and a site that would create a 21st century look and feel. Treefeather first meet with the Region 10 management team, heard our needs, asked questions we had never even considered, listened to our wants and then began developing possible options we could choose from. We selected Treefeather for a combination of reasons. One, Ms. Johnson herself, she projected a high command of her product and an understand of our needs and wants. Adding to that was the patience shown during the interactions with Ms Johnson. Needless to say, the knowledge base we had on what we would like on our website was remedial but with Ms Johnson’s knowledge and ability to “dummy it down” for us, it made the decision an easy one. We now have a website that is both highly functional and attractive. Our visitors can navigate the site quickly and easily. Have access to a calendar of events that was not available before and the site stays current with on-going presentations and training classes. Working with Treefeather was a very positive experience and a very professional interchange. Region 10 would highly recommend Treefeather Creative to anyone. We have mentioned her company and Ms Johnson specifically to several business people.

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