Happy A.M.

Two separate incidences, neither set up, and both made me smile as I was making coffee. "Coffee Mate"

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Bike Shop Idiocincracies

While waiting at my parent's bike shop, I whipped out my camera and decided to capture the little things that give the bike shop so much character... A rubber band ball that has been with the bike shop ever since I was little. A vintage water fountain that was left in the building from the previous owners. The contrast of the beautiful cursive lettering against the old stone wall. The simplicity of the old bicycle license plates lined up in a row. The dirt that has accumulated over the years on the white Victorian style curtain that creates a doorway [...]

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Design Police

I spent half the afternoon with this sticker on my head, hoping all my creative ideas would instantly turn brilliant! However, I took it off because every time my mind started to drift into the land of creativity, it was suddenly pulled back to paranoid thoughts of sticker toxins seeping into my pours...

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Don’t Forget

First of all, I have to apologize for my absence from the blog-o-sphere. I recently took a trip to Alaska and am now pushing my way through piles of projects at work and starting my last semester at college. Last weekend I came across some sidewalk chalk. I could only handle about 15 minutes of outdoor creativity however. Between the afternoon august sun and the necessary contortions of drawing on the ground, it was quite exhausting... but fun. Don't forget to be a kid!

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leannadesigns Enters the www.

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