Grow Your Social Networks with your Email Signature

Looking for ways to gain Facebook Likes, Linked In Connections or Twitter Followers? Your email signature is a great place to add links that will drive people to your social networking sites. You could always add these links manually, but if you are looking for an easy, functional and free application I would suggest WiseStamp. Once you install WiseStamp you can easily create a custom personal and/or business email signature with your logo/photo, name, contact info, and an array of apps including a Facebook like button, Twitter feed, LinkedIn button, and even things like random quotes or facts. Have an [...]

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Robb River Rally

The first annual Robb River Rally was held September 13th 2008. It was an event sponsored by Chevron and the Riverfront Commission to bring members of the community together to enjoy the beautiful Riverfront trails. The concept behind the event was to honor James Robb, original co-chairman of the Riverfront Commission and Foundation, and his vision of restoring the Colorado River corridor. Today there are numerous beautiful trails and parks along the river throughout the Grand Valley. Once registered for the event, people could ride their bikes, walk, roller blade, or run along the Riverfront and conclude the day with [...]

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Promo Poster

The college center (where the campus design studio is located) is getting bulldozed next month and we are moving our office into the conference room in the Fine Arts building. I put together a poster to inform people of our temporary location.

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The New Element in Fashion

About a year ago I began making earrings and bracelets out of bicycle parts such as nipples (the little things on the end of the spokes), presta washers, chain links, etc. I developed an identity for the jewelry called B2U, "from the bike to you." Playing off the table of elements, B2U became the "new element in fashion." I am now selling the jewelry at Cascade Bicycles in Montrose Colorado. You can visit Cascade Bicycles or contact me at if you are interested. They are the perfect accessory for cyclists or anyone who loves handmade jewelry made from found [...]

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Genius Marketing

I don't smoke. However, I bought a pack of cigarettes the other day. Why? Well earlier that day my friend/co-worker came over to my desk and pulled out her wallet. Inside, with all of her credit cards, was a small, flat, metal bottle opener with a sweet vintage design on it. My eyes lit up... Ingenious! On my way home from work, I popped into the quick mart to see if I could get my hands on one of these bottle openers. Sure enough, on the back of every pack of Marlboro cigarettes was a bottle opener in various designs. [...]

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