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Winner of the USA Pro Challenge Poster Contest!

Buy provigil in mexico - Buy provigil us

Earlier this year the USA Pro Challenge announced that they would be holding a national poster contest for the pro cycling race again this year. The race, which is often referred to as America's Race, consists of the world's top cyclists competing on a seven day course through the Rocky Mountains. With more that 1 million spectators, it is one of the largest cycling events in U.S. history. This year my hometown of Montrose will be hosting the Stage 2 Start on August 21st. Competing with hundreds of poster submissions from 23 different states, it is an honor to have [...]

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Kinda old news, but it's never too late to brag right! haha Colorado Wino chose Kahil's label as Numero Uno!

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Last week Jacob Harkins of Denver Magazine wrote an article on Tyrel Lawson of Kahil Winery and he threw in some good words about the label! Read the article here.

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My husband Jordan and I worked with Tyrel Lawson, the wine maker for Two Rivers Winery and Kahil Winery, to design the label for his 2009 Malbec wine. Tyrel loves the outdoors and fishing so he wanted to incorporate a Cahill fly into the design. I took Jordan's illustration of the fly and brought it all together, working with an earthy color palette, a cracked texture to give it a weathered look, and a little trout emblem. The label was printed on a textured linen with the fly, trout, and name embossed. Tyrel's Malbec won two gold medals in the [...]

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