5 Party Ideas to Spark Your Creativity

Everyone can use a little creativity in their day, and what better way to get those creative juices flowing than getting together with friends and pairing an easy project with delicious drinks? I've put together some fun pairings with resources and inspiration to make your party planning a breeze. Create your own custom Sharpie mugs and make a big batch of sangria or get a couple bottles of your favorite wine. Drink and project inspiration   If you haven't colored since you were a kid you should really give it another try - it is super relaxing. You can find lots of coloring [...]

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I Say Ferver

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Leanna’s Vienna

Not the sausage... my new bike! It was meant to be... my new Globe Vienna II is the bike I have only dreamed of until now! Being a graphic designer, I can't ignore the fact that a large majority of American bicycles are covered in bright, obnoxious, colors and logos. I recently returned from my honeymoon in Europe, where we spent a fourth of our time in Amsterdam - a place where three-story parking garages are filled with bikes instead of cars, and women riding down the street in their heels look like they are straight out of a vintage [...]

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Animation by Blu and David Ellis a collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis (2 times loop) from blu on Vimeo.

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Bart Hess & Lucy Mcrae

The way Bart Hess and Lucy Mcrae transform the human body with the use of everyday objects fascinates me.

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And the Waste Your Time Award goes to… you are looking for some simple, never-ending entertainment check out Oranges' site.

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Bike Shop Idiocincracies

While waiting at my parent's bike shop, I whipped out my camera and decided to capture the little things that give the bike shop so much character... A rubber band ball that has been with the bike shop ever since I was little. A vintage water fountain that was left in the building from the previous owners. The contrast of the beautiful cursive lettering against the old stone wall. The simplicity of the old bicycle license plates lined up in a row. The dirt that has accumulated over the years on the white Victorian style curtain that creates a doorway [...]

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Put Your Designs on Fabric!

Hey all you designers!..upload your designs to Spoonflower and get them printed on fabric! This is one of those things that I wish I would have thought of first! :)

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Design Police

I spent half the afternoon with this sticker on my head, hoping all my creative ideas would instantly turn brilliant! However, I took it off because every time my mind started to drift into the land of creativity, it was suddenly pulled back to paranoid thoughts of sticker toxins seeping into my pours...

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Everyone has one of those documents you just want to see obliterated...http://www.the-unloader.com

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