Adhere to Me Sketch #4

In all of my sketches I have been trying to incorporate a dictionary page that includes a word that relates to the particular sketch. The dictionary I picked up for $1 only has 194 pages with big type, so my vocabulary is pretty limited... we'll see how long I can keep it up.

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Adhere to me sketch #3

There is always that bit of anxiety in the back of my mind every time my tongue touches the popsicle for the first time...

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Sketchbook Project: Sketch #2

Sketch numero dos of the 'Adhere to Me' series.

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First Sketch Done!

Just completed my first sketch for the 2011 Sketchbook Project. It is always hard to start a new sketchbook... kinda intimidating, all those blank pages just waiting to be filled up...My theme is 'Adhere to Me' so what popped into my mind...a bee covered in pollen. I used pen, colored pencil and cut out shapes from a dictionary page for the stem, wings and eye. I would save a lot of plastic bags if I could adhere my lunch to my legs to go to work everyday! Check back to see what page #2 will be.

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The Sketchbook Project

Get a sketchbook mailed to you, submit it when you're done, and track is as it goes on tour all over the country! Check it out: The Sketchbook Project

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Beareo Skateboard

Now that Christmas is over, and there are no more secrets to be kept, I can do this post with out my boyfriend finding out what his Christmas present was. I took one of his sketchbooks and chose one of his thousands of awesome drawings to put on his very own custom skate deck. He used to skate a lot growing up, and the first time we met he was on his skate board, so I figured it would be a pretty sweat gift...and guessing by the expression on his face when he opened it, he liked it. I used [...]

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Pink Questions

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Tree of Life

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Over lunch

I love using my sketches as inspiration for a design. The contrast between the geometric shapes and the sketchy, organic lines seem to complement each other nicely.

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