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I spent half the afternoon with this sticker on my head, hoping all my creative ideas would instantly turn brilliant! However, I took it off because every time my mind started to drift into the land of creativity, it was suddenly pulled back to paranoid thoughts of sticker toxins seeping into my pours...

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About a year ago I began making earrings and bracelets out of bicycle parts such as nipples (the little things on the end of the spokes), presta washers, chain links, etc. I developed an identity for the jewelry called B2U, "from the bike to you." Playing off the table of elements, B2U became the "new element in fashion." I am now selling the jewelry at Cascade Bicycles in Montrose Colorado. You can visit Cascade Bicycles or contact me at leannaardizone@gmail.com if you are interested. They are the perfect accessory for cyclists or anyone who loves handmade jewelry made from found [...]

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