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Winner of the USA Pro Challenge Poster Contest!

Earlier this year the USA Pro Challenge announced that they would be holding a national poster contest for the pro cycling race again this year. The race, which is often referred to as America's Race, consists of the world's top cyclists competing on a seven day course through the Rocky Mountains. With more that 1 million spectators, it is one of the largest cycling events in U.S. history. This year my hometown of Montrose will be hosting the Stage 2 Start on August 21st. Competing with hundreds of poster submissions from 23 different states, it is an honor to have [...]

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Dance the Magic Dance

Well my plans for the day were put on hold because was having a 4 hour sale on skateboard decks - 50% off!... I couldn't pass that up, so I started looking through my files for some inspiration. I came across this drawing that Jordan did a while back of an old Hispanic woman getting her groove on (which fit great on the board shape). I took another random sketch he had done and repeated it for a background texture. I wanted to keep a similar look and feel as the first skateboard deck I designed for Jordan's Christmas [...]

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Horsefly Brewing Co. Beer Logos

My husband and I had a great time working with Horsefly Brewery on designing custom logos for their popular beer selection. We wanted the logos to reflect the brewery's eclectic, rustic charm while capturing the distinct features of the individual beers. We also wanted to create a consistent element that would tie them all together...(the horsefly). The designs include hand drawn illustrations and lettering. Shirts are for sale at the brewery, 846 East Main Street, Montrose, CO 81401.

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Tough Horse

There is a new kind of sawhorse in town...The Tough Horse. The sawhorses have lightweight metal triangular legs that have a patented hinge mechanism that enables them to twist to lay flat or remain level on uneven ground. This ability allows for easy storage and transportation. I had the privilege of working with Revolution Holding Co. (the inventors of the Tough Horse) to design a logo for their awesome sawhorses. I knew right away I wanted to capture the twisting leg feature that makes the Tough Horse so unique, as well as keeping it super clean, simple, and 'tough'. After [...]

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Wine Label Design

My husband Jordan and I worked with Tyrel Lawson, the wine maker for Two Rivers Winery and Kahil Winery, to design the label for his 2009 Malbec wine. Tyrel loves the outdoors and fishing so he wanted to incorporate a Cahill fly into the design. I took Jordan's illustration of the fly and brought it all together, working with an earthy color palette, a cracked texture to give it a weathered look, and a little trout emblem. The label was printed on a textured linen with the fly, trout, and name embossed. Tyrel's Malbec won two gold medals in the [...]

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Hi Ho Denver!

The 2010 HOW Design Conference is fast approaching... and I can hardly wait! AIGA contacted it's Denver members and asked for design submissions for a post card collection that will be given out to people at the conference. The post card is supposed to demonstrate Denver's pioneering spirit... so this is what my brain spit out.

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Put Your Designs on Fabric!

Hey all you designers!..upload your designs to Spoonflower and get them printed on fabric! This is one of those things that I wish I would have thought of first! :)

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Beareo Skateboard

Now that Christmas is over, and there are no more secrets to be kept, I can do this post with out my boyfriend finding out what his Christmas present was. I took one of his sketchbooks and chose one of his thousands of awesome drawings to put on his very own custom skate deck. He used to skate a lot growing up, and the first time we met he was on his skate board, so I figured it would be a pretty sweat gift...and guessing by the expression on his face when he opened it, he liked it. I used [...]

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Design Police

I spent half the afternoon with this sticker on my head, hoping all my creative ideas would instantly turn brilliant! However, I took it off because every time my mind started to drift into the land of creativity, it was suddenly pulled back to paranoid thoughts of sticker toxins seeping into my pours...

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Robb River Rally

The first annual Robb River Rally was held September 13th 2008. It was an event sponsored by Chevron and the Riverfront Commission to bring members of the community together to enjoy the beautiful Riverfront trails. The concept behind the event was to honor James Robb, original co-chairman of the Riverfront Commission and Foundation, and his vision of restoring the Colorado River corridor. Today there are numerous beautiful trails and parks along the river throughout the Grand Valley. Once registered for the event, people could ride their bikes, walk, roller blade, or run along the Riverfront and conclude the day with [...]

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