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Promo Poster

The college center (where the campus design studio is located) is getting bulldozed next month and we are moving our office into the conference room in the Fine Arts building. I put together a poster to inform people of our temporary location.

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wee wee wee

Possibly the start of a series...

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Don’t Forget

First of all, I have to apologize for my absence from the blog-o-sphere. I recently took a trip to Alaska and am now pushing my way through piles of projects at work and starting my last semester at college. Last weekend I came across some sidewalk chalk. I could only handle about 15 minutes of outdoor creativity however. Between the afternoon august sun and the necessary contortions of drawing on the ground, it was quite exhausting... but fun. Don't forget to be a kid!

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Down to Business

S.W.A.T. teams from Mesa County Sheriff's Office and Grand Junction Police Department recently purchased a new Tactical Rescue Vehicle. They wanted a logo that represented combined forces, strength, and protection. The end result was applied to the side doors of the 8 ton machine. This thing is massive! It has a port hole on the roof, gun ports on the sides, and about 3" thick glass. So if you see this thing driving your way, you should probably run the other direction... but make sure to get a look at my logo first!

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The New Element in Fashion

About a year ago I began making earrings and bracelets out of bicycle parts such as nipples (the little things on the end of the spokes), presta washers, chain links, etc. I developed an identity for the jewelry called B2U, "from the bike to you." Playing off the table of elements, B2U became the "new element in fashion." I am now selling the jewelry at Cascade Bicycles in Montrose Colorado. You can visit Cascade Bicycles or contact me at if you are interested. They are the perfect accessory for cyclists or anyone who loves handmade jewelry made from found [...]

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Pink Questions

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Tree of Life

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Genius Marketing

I don't smoke. However, I bought a pack of cigarettes the other day. Why? Well earlier that day my friend/co-worker came over to my desk and pulled out her wallet. Inside, with all of her credit cards, was a small, flat, metal bottle opener with a sweet vintage design on it. My eyes lit up... Ingenious! On my way home from work, I popped into the quick mart to see if I could get my hands on one of these bottle openers. Sure enough, on the back of every pack of Marlboro cigarettes was a bottle opener in various designs. [...]

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Folk Love

My boyfriend and I collaborated on a painting for a friend's wedding gift. The story of how they met was storybook and needed to be preserved in a painting... She was home one weekend from college and filled in for the fiddle player of a local folk band. He played the banjo in that band. They spent all night getting to know each other and the next day she missed her plane back to the east coast, giving them more time together. He moved to the east coast to be closer to her... the rest is history.

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Over lunch

I love using my sketches as inspiration for a design. The contrast between the geometric shapes and the sketchy, organic lines seem to complement each other nicely.

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