Beau Vine, Dee Vine, Houston Saunders III, Walter T. Bohne, and Holly Kau: these are the new faces on Mesa State College’s website helping steer students in the right direction. Sawami, my fellow animator, and I were hired by the college through the Campus Design Studio to create a new series of animations as part of MAVzone (a part of Mesa State’s website). The project began with character development and laying out a content schedule for the next six months. We have been cranking out a new “Beau Tube” episode every week for the last three months. We are working with a production team of about 10 people including people from the Mass Communications department, Theater department, and the Vice President’s office. The only way to view the episodes is to log on to MAVzone as of now. Hopefully they will be available for everyone to view in the near future.