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Two separate incidences, neither set up, and both made me smile as I was making coffee. "Coffee Mate"

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Meet Eskipube Dante. He is a Litter. What is a Litter? In contrary to popular belief, a Litter is not an object strewn or scattered about. Nor is it a number of young brought forth by a multiparous animal at one birth. In fact, Litters do not like the fact that trash and a group of baby animals stole their name. Litters are little creatures that are conceived from peoples' thoughts that are constantly littering our society. Every time someone thinks that they just don't fit in, or that they look funny because they don't resemble the people on TV, [...]

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My online portfolio was in need of a makeover. Its new look is much more clean and user friendly. I especially like how I was able to incorporate the menu buttons into the logo. (You can organize the folders on your desktop in a similar way with the desktop image download in the "loot" section). I will be continuing to add pieces to it, so check back often!

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While waiting at my parent's bike shop, I whipped out my camera and decided to capture the little things that give the bike shop so much character... A rubber band ball that has been with the bike shop ever since I was little. A vintage water fountain that was left in the building from the previous owners. The contrast of the beautiful cursive lettering against the old stone wall. The simplicity of the old bicycle license plates lined up in a row. The dirt that has accumulated over the years on the white Victorian style curtain that creates a doorway [...]

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Hey all you designers!..upload your designs to Spoonflower and get them printed on fabric! This is one of those things that I wish I would have thought of first! :)

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Simple, interactive, brilliant, and still easy to navigate! Check it out!

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I finally got my home studio set up!! Complete with adequate storage for the piles, bags, and boxes of art supplies, that previously invaded every room of my apartment. With every artist comes lots of STUFF... you know, that STUFF monster that keeps growing and growing because you just can't manage to through away that old door knob or piece of cardboard that might just come in handy for that art project that you are going to start tomorrow but then tomorrow turns into next week, next week turns into next month, and before you know it the STUFF monster [...]

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Now that Christmas is over, and there are no more secrets to be kept, I can do this post with out my boyfriend finding out what his Christmas present was. I took one of his sketchbooks and chose one of his thousands of awesome drawings to put on his very own custom skate deck. He used to skate a lot growing up, and the first time we met he was on his skate board, so I figured it would be a pretty sweat gift...and guessing by the expression on his face when he opened it, he liked it. I used [...]

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I am proud to announce that Cascade Bicycles has entered into cyberspace!

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