Design Police

I spent half the afternoon with this sticker on my head, hoping all my creative ideas would instantly turn brilliant! However, I took it off because every time my mind started to drift into the land of creativity, it was suddenly pulled back to paranoid thoughts of sticker toxins seeping into my pours...

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Everyone has one of those documents you just want to see obliterated...http://www.the-unloader.com

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Street Art

Always love a new point of view...

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Use Whatcha Got

One lovely afternoon I was struck with a huge desire to collage. Usually when this happens, I start to plan... I go to the craft store, second hand store, hardware store, etc. to gather materials to collage. By the time I finally get everything together I have exhausted any creativity and am left overwhelmed trying to come up with a themed composition...and then something comes up, everything gets put on hold and shoved in my closet. (And I wonder why I have stringless ukuleles, stacks of newspaper clippings, and a large assortment of other strange, unnecessary nick-knacks.)This time was different. [...]

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Robb River Rally

The first annual Robb River Rally was held September 13th 2008. It was an event sponsored by Chevron and the Riverfront Commission to bring members of the community together to enjoy the beautiful Riverfront trails. The concept behind the event was to honor James Robb, original co-chairman of the Riverfront Commission and Foundation, and his vision of restoring the Colorado River corridor. Today there are numerous beautiful trails and parks along the river throughout the Grand Valley. Once registered for the event, people could ride their bikes, walk, roller blade, or run along the Riverfront and conclude the day with [...]

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Promo Poster

The college center (where the campus design studio is located) is getting bulldozed next month and we are moving our office into the conference room in the Fine Arts building. I put together a poster to inform people of our temporary location.

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wee wee wee

Possibly the start of a series...

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Beau Vine, Dee Vine, Houston Saunders III, Walter T. Bohne, and Holly Kau: these are the new faces on Mesa State College's website helping steer students in the right direction. Sawami, my fellow animator, and I were hired by the college through the Campus Design Studio to create a new series of animations as part of MAVzone (a part of Mesa State's website). The project began with character development and laying out a content schedule for the next six months. We have been cranking out a new "Beau Tube" episode every week for the last three months. We are working [...]

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Don’t Forget

First of all, I have to apologize for my absence from the blog-o-sphere. I recently took a trip to Alaska and am now pushing my way through piles of projects at work and starting my last semester at college. Last weekend I came across some sidewalk chalk. I could only handle about 15 minutes of outdoor creativity however. Between the afternoon august sun and the necessary contortions of drawing on the ground, it was quite exhausting... but fun. Don't forget to be a kid!

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Press Release

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