Not the sausage… my new bike! It was meant to be… my new Globe Vienna II is the bike I have only dreamed of until now! Being a graphic designer, I can’t ignore the fact that a large majority of American bicycles are covered in bright, obnoxious, colors and logos. I recently returned from my honeymoon in Europe, where we spent a fourth of our time in Amsterdam – a place where three-story parking garages are filled with bikes instead of cars, and women riding down the street in their heels look like they are straight out of a vintage bicycle poster. Pretty much every bike we saw there was simple and beautiful. However, most were single speed coaster breaks, which make any little hill a challenge. Globe’s “unique ability to become an extension of people’s lifestyles and personal tastes rather than simply a piece of sporting equipment” is what I have been waiting for. They have the simple stylish European look, but have the practicality of hand breaks and gears. And the best part… you can slip your own graphic in the head badge!! What more could a graphic designer ask for?!