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In all of my sketches I have been trying to incorporate a dictionary page that includes a word that relates to the particular sketch. The dictionary I picked up for $1 only has 194 pages with big type, so my vocabulary is pretty limited... we'll see how long I can keep it up.

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There is always that bit of anxiety in the back of my mind every time my tongue touches the popsicle for the first time...

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Sketch numero dos of the 'Adhere to Me' series.

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Just completed my first sketch for the 2011 Sketchbook Project. It is always hard to start a new sketchbook... kinda intimidating, all those blank pages just waiting to be filled up...My theme is 'Adhere to Me' so what popped into my mind...a bee covered in pollen. I used pen, colored pencil and cut out shapes from a dictionary page for the stem, wings and eye. I would save a lot of plastic bags if I could adhere my lunch to my legs to go to work everyday! Check back to see what page #2 will be.

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My husband Jordan and I worked with Tyrel Lawson, the wine maker for Two Rivers Winery and Kahil Winery, to design the label for his 2009 Malbec wine. Tyrel loves the outdoors and fishing so he wanted to incorporate a Cahill fly into the design. I took Jordan's illustration of the fly and brought it all together, working with an earthy color palette, a cracked texture to give it a weathered look, and a little trout emblem. The label was printed on a textured linen with the fly, trout, and name embossed. Tyrel's Malbec won two gold medals in the [...]

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Get a sketchbook mailed to you, submit it when you're done, and track is as it goes on tour all over the country! Check it out: The Sketchbook Project

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As I was strolling down the virtual streets of Denver Google Maps on a blustery Saturday afternoon, I stumbled upon two odd fellows...The first appeared to be demonstrating Neo-Nazism across 18th st. The second, well, he looked as if he had just been dropped off the hillbilly-mobile into the heart of the city. I especially like the fact that everyone's faces are blurred out, except for our little furry friend... they blurred out his hand instead.

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The 2010 HOW Design Conference is fast approaching... and I can hardly wait! AIGA contacted it's Denver members and asked for design submissions for a post card collection that will be given out to people at the conference. The post card is supposed to demonstrate Denver's pioneering spirit... so this is what my brain spit out.

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Now that so much of advertising is digital these days, what are we to do with those old billboards? Front Architects thinks we should live in them! Why not?! Waste not, want not.

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