I Say Ferver

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New Employee

Meet Diesel, my new secretary. He does an awesome job at staying on top of my emails. I think he actually prefers the inbox over the litter box.

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Watch and Smile!

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Book Shelf

With my ability to come up with some crazy project ideas and my Husband's power tools, we were able to construct a new kind of book shelf... a shelf made out of books.

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Leanna’s Vienna

Not the sausage... my new bike! It was meant to be... my new Globe Vienna II is the bike I have only dreamed of until now! Being a graphic designer, I can't ignore the fact that a large majority of American bicycles are covered in bright, obnoxious, colors and logos. I recently returned from my honeymoon in Europe, where we spent a fourth of our time in Amsterdam - a place where three-story parking garages are filled with bikes instead of cars, and women riding down the street in their heels look like they are straight out of a vintage [...]

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Animation by Blu and David Ellis a collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis (2 times loop) from blu on Vimeo.

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Holy Molley It's been awhile since I've blogged! Summer is here and my blogging priorities have become inferior to my playing outside priorities. Every Thursday night the streets of Montrose, CO become alive with people, music, food, and vendors. For the last two weeks, I have set up a booth at Main in Motion to sell my new line of jewelry - SUPOP - (Pronounced Soo-pop). For those who are wondering what the name means, it is a combination of my middle name, Sue, and Pop, from Pop Art. "Pop art challenged tradition by asserting that an artist's use of [...]

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Bart Hess & Lucy Mcrae

The way Bart Hess and Lucy Mcrae transform the human body with the use of everyday objects fascinates me.

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And the Waste Your Time Award goes to… you are looking for some simple, never-ending entertainment check out Oranges' site.

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Renegades ReUnite

It's back. The Renegade Art Showe. May 8th. Same warehouse. More info:

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